Wilderness Axe

Wilderness Axe

The new Wilderness Axe by K-Axe. This axe combines the innovations of the K-Axe kindling axe with a traditional hatchet. It cuts both ways! It's an all-around tool for camping, hunting, or just trying to survive in the wilderness.

What can you do with your Wilderness Axe?

  • It chops wood like a hatchet.
  • It splits kindling like a K-Axe.
  • If you're cold and hungry in the wilderness, the Wilderness Axe is the best way to get a campfire going in a hurry.
  • It digs, making it ideal for campsite preparation.
  • Think of that nasty root or rock under your sleeping bag. It's the perfect tool to remove them.
  • Think of the water running into your tent during a rainstorm. It's ideal for digging a small trench to divert rainwater from where you sleep.
  • If you hunt big game that's too heavy to haul out in one piece, the Wilderness Axe can do the job.
  • The Wilderness Axe is the perfect tool for building a shelter in the wilderness.
  • You can even use it at home in the garden for cutting roots and removing stubborn rocks where you want to plant or dig a trench for your irrigation system.
  • When your survival's at stake, you need a Wilderness Axe!


 You can't find a better survival axe anywhere!


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